Seven Chronic Conditions that Cause Leg Pain


April 8, 2021

Your legs take on a lot of wear and tear throughout life, your muscles, tendons, and ligaments get pulled and stretched to their limits, yet, you keep pushing on. If you put too much wear and tear on anything, there will be consequences, and your legs are no different.

When your legs are overworked, you can develop pain due to certain conditions that may be caused by overexertion, and wear and tear of your legs. The staff at Southeast Pain & Spine Care has put together a list of reasons why you could be experiencing leg pain and how we can help.

What Could Be Causing Your Leg Pain?

The good news is that the pain from these conditions can be treated, but finding out the underlying cause is first and foremost. There are many injuries and illnesses that can affect your legs and cause you pain, including:

1. Strains Cause Pain

Many people strain their legs at some point in their lives. Did you know that you can strain a tendon or muscle by doing nearly anything? From playing sports to cleaning your home, playing twister, or even while doing yoga, it’s just not super hard to strain a muscle. When you tear or overexert your muscles or tendons, it’s considered a strain.

Rest and home remedies can normally treat minor strains, however, for more serious tears, surgery may be required. Strains and sprain symptoms are quite similar and as a result are oftentimes confused with one another.

2. Sprains Are Similar To Strains

An injury to the ligament, which is the fibrous tissue responsible for connecting bones to bones in the joints. Just like with a strain, ligaments can also be torn and/or stretched either partially or completely.

More often than not, if you endure a complete tear of your ligament, surgery may be required, as these types of tears — where you have torn ends — are unable to fuse back together to naturally heal.

3. Achilles Tendonitis — What Is This?

The largest tendon in the body is called the Achilles tendon, it is responsible for joining your heel to your calf muscles in the rear of the lower leg. Normally this happens due to overuse and runners are most often the victims.

4. Sciatica? Wow! 

The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve inside your body and starts in your lower back, then splits into two, one down each nerve. When you have sciatica, it normally presents down one leg only, and in the lower back, and may be accompanied by possible weakness, numbness, or pain.

5. Shin Splint Stress Is A Painful Mess

Shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome, happens when unnecessary stress is put on the shinbone (the tibia) and tissues in the leg that connects your tibia to the muscles. The symptom of shin splints is front lower leg pain.

6. Osteoarthritis Is Still Arthritis

When you have degenerative wear and tear of joint cartilage and its surrounding bone, this is called osteoarthritis. Continual use and wear of the joint may result in much more discomfort and pain overtime.

7. Peripheral Neuropathy Feels Prickly

One of the ways that peripheral neuropathy presents itself is through uncontrollable prickly or tingling sensations that affect your legs and can be a result of infection from a medication, or as a result of being diabetic. This condition is treated based on the underlying issue that caused it.

Southeast Pain & Spine Care

Leg pain can be successfully rectified and managed with the proper medical diagnosis and treatment, At Southeast Pain and Spine Care we will work closely with you and your healthcare provider to diagnose the condition responsible for your pain and will formulate the right treatment plan for you.

At Southeast Pain and Spine Care, our focus is on supporting medications in an effort to control and relieve your pain as well as interventional pain procedures for our patients. Conservative therapies like nerve blocks and medication can easily treat many conditions. However, for more complex cases of pain, our experienced and expert specialists can offer some of the most advanced pain management techniques around and may even be able to stave off surgery.


If you’re pursuing relief from chronic or leg pain, contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation, or fill out our appointment request form online. We look forward to seeing you here and assisting you in finding relief for your pain. In the meantime, take a peek at our blog over here.