What Should I Expect When I See a Pain Specialist?


July 26, 2022

The first time you see a pain specialist, it’s normal to have questions about what you should expect during your visit. Whether you just started experiencing pain for the first time, or have been dealing with pain for a longer time, you deserve answers to the problems you are experiencing.  

Southeast Pain & Spine Care is here to provide you with the best specialists in the field to help you manage your pain, discuss your symptoms and make a proper diagnosis. Our goal is to devise a treatment plan to bring you the relief you have been seeking.

What Will My First Appointment with a Pain Specialist Like?

Every pain specialist will have a plan for how they want to approach your first appointment. However, the general idea of the appointment is to get your new doctor and for them to get to know you. The following are some things you may expect during your first appointment:

Expect a Longer Appointment:

If you are meeting your pain specialist for the first time, you can expect to have a longer appointment the first time you meet with them for a consultation. You will spend time getting to know your doctor, and they will spend time getting to know you as well.

Discuss Your Medical History:

You will spend some time discussing your medical history with your pain management specialist. This conversation will include anything from past pain you have experienced to problems you have had to surgeries that you may have undergone. Your doctor will come to understand what kind of pain you’re experiencing and why you are currently seeking treatment.

Get a Physical:

The doctor will probably give you a physical and include basics such as checking your height and weight, taking your pulse and blood pressure, and possibly testing your reflexes. They will likely listen to your heart, check your breathing, and more. A basic physical may give them more information about the pain you are experiencing and possible insight into why you are experiencing it.

Undergoing Blood Work & Tests:

Your doctor may want a complete panel of blood work to understand what underlying conditions you are dealing with that are causing you pain or making your pain worse. Other tests such as a urine test or stool sample may also be required to determine if you are experiencing any other conditions. Your doctor may order other related tests such as a CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, or another required test to determine the source and reason for your pain.

Determine a Preliminary Course of Treatment:

If you are in pain when you go see the pain specialist, the pain specialist may want to come up with preliminary treatment options based on the information you have so far. You may have to modify or change your course of treatment as you get more information and learn what will better help treat the causes of the pain you are experiencing.

A Chance to Ask Questions:

Finally, before the end of your appointment, you should have an opportunity to ask questions about the course of your treatment and what to expect next. Asking these questions gives you a clear idea of what will occur moving forward and if the treatment plan is of satisfaction to you based on your needs.

Getting to know your pain management specialist is key during your first appointment. You will know if this is someone you want to work with in the future. The more you know about your new doctor, the more you will trust them to help make decisions that are right for you.

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