Pain Management for Neck Pain


July 30, 2021

There are many diseases that one becomes highly susceptible to with age, including chronic neck pain. However, one of the leading causes of neck pain is misuse. Most people with back pain have developed this condition due to specific lifestyle choices such as maintaining a poor posture when working on a technological device like a computer or hunching over a phone for too long. 

The Anatomy of the Neck

Learning the neck structure is the best way to fathom the complexity involved in the functioning of the neck. This organ is what connects the body to the head. Another name for the neck is the cervical spine, which helps cushion the head’s weight while allowing balance and rotation to occur. 

The different components that make up the neck include:

  • Seven cervical vertebrae that enable head movements
  • Larynx
  • The spine
  • Blood vessels, nerves, and muscles

How Poor Posture Affects Neck Pain

Misuse and overuse of neck structures can cause deterioration of parts of the cervical spine causing the neck to experience chronic pain.  Adopting proper neck posture can help reduce some of the workload on the neck, lowering or delaying a patient’s risk of developing discomfort in the long run

What is the Best Neck Posture?

This position helps lower the pressure on the neck by maintaining the head’s weight is balancing neutrally on the spine. The signs of a proper shoulder position include:

  • Putting the shoulders back
  • Ensuring that the chest is open
  • The ears being directly above the shoulders

Other Causes of Pain

Apart from misuse and overuse, another reason you may be having painful neck symptoms are:

Treatment Options

The best initial strategy to deal with a neck pain diagnosis is to begin conservative neck treatment techniques, including:

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