Manipulative Therapy for Chronic Spine Pain


February 16, 2021

Pain and spine care is slowly becoming a pain point for many families with relatives suffering from the condition. As a result, leading muscle pain management organizations have been forced to develop innovative pain management strategies for their patients. One such approach is manipulative therapy. Patients are taken through strenuous physical activities to treat problems of the lower back.

 How is Manipulative Therapy Administered?

Manipulative therapy is straightforward to administer. The medical practitioner is supposed to advise the patient on ways for reducing spinal pain by remaining active and exercising. Since most spinal pains are nonmalignant, various approaches have been found to work.

A study carried out on the Danish population indicates a similarity in the treatment carried out on the different parts of the spine, i.e., the cervical, thoracic, and lumbosacral regions.

Nonmalignant back pains are considered the same regardless of the part of the spine affected. As a result, a similar approach is taken when it comes to manipulative therapy. Patients are advised to remain active through physical exercises like going for a swim or even walking to work.

Why Should Manipulative Therapy be Administered to Pain and Spine Care Patients?

Study shows that patients suffering from chronic nonmalignant back pain (CNMBP) experience discrimination from the healthcare system. Such mistreatment increases the patients’ pain instead of alleviating it. Consequently, such patients are prone to psychological disorders like stress and depression.

Patients’ suffering also creates a sense of fear, with most suffering not because the condition is untreatable but because the most opiophobic medical practitioners leave them with no choice.

Failure to treat chronic spine problems in time could lead to the patients’ health deteriorating through immunosuppression. With low immunity, your life could be in danger as it can’t fight even common infections.

Many people don’t realize that if one family has a patient who needs pain and spine care treatment, the family members suffer the most. They are responsible for the patients’ treatment, especially if the patient lacks a proper insurance cover to cater to treatment.

Family members also suffer psychologically, knowing their relative is going through unfathomable pain. Therefore, hospitals and medics must fast track the treatment to put a smile on the faces of patients and their family members.


Chronic spinal pains should not condemn you to a life of self-pity as it’s treatable. However, it would help if you found a specialist who will administer the required pain alleviation treatment. With spinal manipulative therapy proving to be a masterstroke when it comes to chronic back pain treatments, organizations like Southeast Pain & Spine Care (SEPSC) are working overtime to ensure you get the best treatment. With proper education, manipulative therapy should be perfect for most as it only involves strenuous activities to your muscles to treat pain. If you are experiencing spine pain, contact us as we have some of the best specialists for such issues.