How Chronic Pain Affects Your Quality of Life


October 7, 2022

Chronic pain has become a common problem within primary care and can impact patients’ lives negatively. It has been identified as a global public health research priority as it is one of the most prevalent chronic disease conditions affecting approximately 1 in 5 adults in Europe. Subsequently, almost two-thirds of chronic pain patients have reported dissatisfaction with the current treatment, which affects their quality of life.

Luckily, we have institutions that offer alternative medications, such as therapies, to help improve your quality of life. Sometimes, seeing a pain management specialist can prevent the need for surgeries. At Southeast Pain and Spine Care, we focus on supporting medication and interventional pain procedures to relieve and control pain. 

Ways Chronic Pain Impacts Your Quality Of Life and How You Can Manage it

Chronic pain can impact your; 

  • emotions
  • moods
  • relationships, and 
  • work life

 Here are ways chronic pain impacts your life quality and how you can manage it. 

Causes Anger, Anxiety, and Depression

Chronic pain can evolve into frustration, anger, depression, and anxiety. Prolonged periods of body pain drain you emotionally and mentally, causing mental issues. Pain management specialists; provide therapies and medications to control your pain and prevent mental health issues improving your quality of life.

Lowers Your Self-Esteem

Prolonged pain lowers your motivation to exercise, diminishes your job performance, and prevents you from completing your tasks. These limitations may reduce your confidence and lead you to believe chronic pain is a personal defect or weakness. Luckily, with the help of specialists, you can improve your quality of life. 

Lack of Social Life

You tend to stay home and avoid company when in constant pain. It prevents you from attending gatherings, going out with your friends, and doing the things you love. This results in loneliness and low-quality life. Pain management therapies reduce the pain making it easier to have fun with family and friends. 

Can Strain Your Relationships

Chronic pain makes it difficult to complete your household chores. It makes it challenging to participate in normal family activities such as taking care of the children. Your intimacy with your partner is also affected, resulting in relationship challenges

Specialists help you manage your daily chores and improve intimacy with your partner, strengthening your relationships.

Causes Fatigue

Prolonged pain, such as an achy hip or back, decrease your sleep and causes high-stress levels draining your motivation to exercise. If you experience chronic pain, include a self-care regimen in your routine to lower your stress levels. For example, you can do yoga or try meditation for your relaxation.  

Additionally, some patients with chronic pain often experience cognitive problems such as;

  • forgetfulness 
  • problems with communicating
  • concentration difficulties 
  • reduced attention span 

Manage Chronic Pain and Improve Your Quality of Life Today!

If you are experiencing chronic pain, you must find a solution and regain your life. Do not accept living a life of constant pain. The pain management providers at Southeast Pain and Spine Care can help you. We offer pain management services throughout North Carolina. Contact us and fill out the form below to schedule an appointment. 

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