Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates for Our Patients and Their Families


March 25, 2020

sepsc letter covid 19
Dear Southeast Pain and Spine Care Community,

As our nation continues to cope with the threat of COVID-19, healthcare organizations are forced to adapt at a rapid pace. While we are hopeful for the best, at this point it is unclear what further steps we will have to take in order to protect our patients and save lives. To better communicate these changes as they occur, we will update this page regularly with the decisions that we make to better protect and serve you. We will also provide links to sites which will provide up to date news and guidance which will help us all to be better prepared for what comes next.

Stay safe and, as always, thank you for trusting your care to us!


Your Providers at Southeast Pain and Spine Care

Current status of clinic operations

  • Our clinics are currently open. Please note in the coming weeks, however, we may be closing clinics on certain days to free up members of our support staff to help in other areas. If you have an upcoming appointment with us, please be on the lookout for a phone call in case we have to reschedule your appointment.
  • For certain patients, your provider may decide that there is an unacceptable level of risk in asking you to come into the clinic. For these patients, staff from the clinic will contact you ahead of your appointment time to request your permission for your follow-up appointment to be completed as a “virtual visit” over the telephone.
  • For patients on chronic pain medications, this may allow us to continue your medications without bringing you in to the clinic. We are aware that in this age of robocalls and telephone scams many patient are screening calls and not picking up if they do not recognize the number; however, if you do have an upcoming appointment with us, please answer your phone as we may be contacting you about a virtual visit.
  • All patients who are not contacted should plan on coming into clinic at their scheduled time.

Helpful COVID-19 Information Resources