Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Those Suffering From Chronic Pain


February 20, 2021

Pain caused by a chronic condition or an injury can be torturous and affect your entire life in a negative way. Physical therapy and medications can help, but the pain still exists and may just be worse on some days than on others. There is more help out there for you and your family than what is typically offered in your doctor’s office.

Therapy could be the perfect answer to some of the problems caused by your pain.

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Did you know that therapy can go much further than addressing depression or attempting to save a marriage? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is much like traditional talk therapy, where you discuss your problems and identify better ways to react to stress. CBT goes a step further and guides you through effective ways to behave in order to decrease the pain that you feel and the stress and emotions that come from the pain.

The entire goal is to increase your awareness of the pain and change how you react to it. Your nerves send synapses to your brain that translate into a feeling of pain. It feeds on your thoughts and attitudes, meaning that a great attitude can lower the level of perceived pain. CBT can help.

How Can CBT Help With My Pain?

Your brain increases its secretion of norepinephrine and serotonin when you are stressed and CBT can teach you how to lower the levels of these chemicals so that you feel less stressed and, thus, less pain. A therapist who specializes in CBT is essential for well-rounded pain-relief.

A CBT therapist will help you in identifying negative thought patterns and in learning how to fight them, even before they are fully formed ideas. You will practice actively using positive thoughts about yourself, other people, and the world you live in. Healthy thinking can eradicate stress and related exasperation that can increase your feelings of pain.

A Cognitive Behavioral Therapist can also evaluate you for any psychological disruptions, such as reoccurring depression, that can be caused by pain and stress. There are a few common anti-depressants that address pain specifically and may help you even further.

The most important thing to remember about CBT is to come into your therapy sessions with an open mind and a positive attitude. You are there to change the way that you see and respond to the world inside and outside of yourself. Create a plan with your therapist and stick with it. You can be successful.

Where Can I Go For Answers, Guidance, And Change?

Break the cycle and transform your brain chemistry. CBT will not only change your perception of pain, but it will also change your entire attitude about life in general. A therapist who specializes in CBT is easier to find and closer than you think.

Contact us at Southeast Pain & Spine Care for guidance on how to manage your pain. We are here to answer your questions and intervene in your struggle. Let’s work together to decrease your discomfort and create an individualized and tangible plan for your success.