Can Seasonal Activities Help Relieve Chronic Pain?


April 7, 2022

Changes in weather are not always friendly when dealing with chronic pain. Warm weather comes with expectations of engaging more in outdoor activities. Pain may rob you of the chance to enjoy nice weather or participate in fun activities with friends and family. There are, however, things you can do to ease the pain and be active.

Activities to Relieve Seasonal Pain

Getting up or moving around is the last thing you’d think of with warm weather. However, being active will strengthen your muscles and ensure a healthy weight. Some activities you can do include:


Yoga has always been used for relaxation and generally improving human well-being with the power to enhance flexibility. Its effectiveness is even boosted when practiced in hot temperatures.

Being in the heat offers your body the same detoxifying and mood-boosting effects as hot yoga. Head to a beach or park for yoga and relax away from your pain.


Swimming is not only meant for exercise but is also a fun relaxation method. It is a great way to unwind, relieve pain, and get some exercise.

Swimming is an efficient and safe way of strengthening your muscles and alleviating pain resulting from sports injuries and arthritis. Additionally, swimming also lowers blood pressure naturally. The water provides natural resistance while easing joint pressure.


A low-impact cardio exercise on smooth terrain is an excellent way of reducing your chronic pain. Biking improves muscle strength, general cardiorespiratory performance, and the skeletal system. 

Biking is a great activity because it is less strenuous on the body than other exercises like jogging and aerobics. Riding a bike releases endorphins, responsible for relieving pain naturally and boosting your moods.

Relaxing In a Hammock

Your body deserves to rest after all the day’s activity. What can be a better way to rejuvenate than in the shade with a pleasant breeze? Hammocks’ position allows your body to relax naturally with your head raised a little. Additionally, they are made to give you stability, preventing you from rolling over while sleeping.

Rest is necessary for your body to fight inflammation and mend your hurting joints. Take advantage of the opportunity to unwind in a hammock tightly secured at your favorite spot.

Take a Hike

Taking a stroll goes a long way in burning calories and correcting muscle stability and posture. Inhaling fresh air with some sunlight is essential for your general health and significantly boosts your moods. While hiking, ensure that your spine is straight and your core muscles are doing the most work.

Take It Slow

No matter the activity you choose, always start slowly and don’t overwork yourself. Allow your body to adjust, and don’t hesitate to consult a doctor when the pain worsens.

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