An Introduction to Tennis Elbow


March 29, 2023

For people who are experiencing pain in their elbow area, it can be taxing and important for you to get answers. It is common for pain in the elbows to be a case of tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis, and the condition causes extreme pain as a result of overloaded tendons in your elbow. Here is some information about the condition:

What is Tennis Elbow?

When you overuse your arm by engaging in a certain motion over and over again, the tendons in your arm are likely going to be overworked. Tennis elbow is a condition that comes as a result of overuse. There are several symptoms that you might experience if you’re experiencing a case of tennis elbow.

For example, you might feel pain that makes it difficult to grasp objects. If you’re having trouble opening a door or picking up silverware and cups to eat and drink, then you might have tennis elbow. The pain usually starts at your elbow and travels into your wrist and forearm.

What Causes Tennis Elbow?

There are several things that cause tennis elbow. For one, as we mentioned earlier, the condition might develop because you’ve completed a certain motion repeatedly. When you’re doing a certain movement repeatedly, you’re going to put a strain on yourself, which can cause pain. Moreover, tennis elbow can develop when you’re lifting something that is too heavy for you to handle safely. Strenuous activity can be a reason that one experiences tennis elbow.

It might seem like tennis elbow is most experienced by people who play tennis. Although many tennis players and other athletes (like racquetball players, squash players, and badminton players) experience tennis elbow, the condition is also widely experienced by people in other professions. If you play the violin, you might experience tennis elbow from the repeated movement that is required to play the instrument. And if you’re a gardener who repeatedly uses shears, you might experience tennis elbow because of that activity.

Even acts like typing and sewing can cause a case of tennis elbow. As you can see, several different things cause tennis elbow, but the commonality between these activities is the fact that they’re strenuous or require repeated use of your forearms, wrists, or elbows.

What Treatments are Available?

Although it is painful to have tennis elbow, there are several treatments that can help alleviate the pain. You could try physical therapy if you’ve already iced your injury, rested, and taken pain medication.

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